Pumas of Patagonia

Join us on an expedition to Patagonia to seek out its secretive and most awe-inspiring inhabitant…

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6 days for £2,490 pp sharing

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  • Includes accommodation, transport, English speaking guide, full board, and all activities
  • Deposit £650 pp. Single supplement £450 pp
  • Maximum group size 4 people
  • Excludes international flights

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Your comfortable hotel accommodation in Torres Del Paine.

At the foot of the Andes, Patagonia is a world of jagged snow-capped peaks, vast glaciers, and windswept hillsides. Known as the “end of the world”, this remarkable region contains a unique array of wildlife, including the mythical Puma or Mountain Lion.

Our expedition has been specifically designed to see Pumas in the Torres Del Paine National Park, one of the wildest and most remote parts of the Puma’s range through the Americas. We will spend 4 full days in this beautiful park, searching the hillsides and valleys for a sighting of this secretive cat. Although Puma sightings are rarely easy, the time spent in their habitat can be thrilling and our guides will work tirelessly to locate a Puma.

This small group tour (maximum of 4 guests to increase our viewing chances) includes day and spotlight night tours of the park by foot and by private vehicle, the use of very good accommodation conveniently located close to the prime Puma areas, and the expertise of an experienced naturalist guide and Puma tracker.

Our guests can also expect to see a wide range of other interesting mammals and birds restricted to the southern Andes and Patagonia.

  • Participate in day and night excursions exclusively designed to see the elusive Puma in the foothills of the Torres Del Paine. 100% success rate to date.
  • Encounter an array of Patagonian wildlife, including Guanaco, Grey Fox, Patagonian Skunk, Andean Condor, and Geoffroy’s Cat.
  • Explore the UNESCO World’s Biosphere Reserve; the Torres Del Paine National Park.
  • Travel in small groups (maximum of 4 people) and enjoy first class accommodation and dining in the foothills of the Torres Del Paine.
  • Benefit from spacious vehicles that ensure a window seat for each guest.
  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience of expert guides who have an intimate knowledge of the region and its wildlife.

For a detailed tour itinerary, please download our Tour Brochure.

Day 1
After meeting your guide at your hotel or at the airport, you will be transferred in a private vehicle to the Torres Del Paine National Park. During your journey to the park, you will be on the lookout for a variety of Patagonian mammals and birds and also see our first southern Beech forests. While visiting the valleys, your guide will explain the geological history of the Torres Del Paine, one of the finest spectacles in Patagonia.

Days 2 – 5
After a hearty cooked breakfast, days 2-4 centre around daytime and night-time excursions to find the Pumas. We will inspect the immediate surroundings of our hotel as well as the Puma’s hunting ground to the eastern flank of the park. The areas around Sarmiento, Laguna Amarga and Laguna Azul are well known to hold one of the highest concentrations of Pumas in the wild and we will spend plenty of time with our guide and spotting scopes in these locations, hoping to catch a sight of a puma as it crosses the valley or sets out from its den to hunt in the early evening. Lunch is normally a picnic in the park with hot tea and coffee. After a day of spotting and observing the other wildlife in the park, you return to our hotel for dinner, before setting out at night to search for Pumas and nocturnal wildlife.

Day 6
On your final day, you set out to other areas of the park to explore the hillsides and check for signs of Puma activity. You will also see the spectacular vista from Laguna Azul. Once our expedition is complete, you say goodbye to Torres Del Paine and head back to the airport for the journey home.

Just some of the Chilean wildlife you may encounter:

  • Puma/Cougar/Mountain Lion
  • Guanaco
  • Southern Grey Fox
  • Darwin’s Fox
  • Geoffroy’s Cat
  • Kodkod Cat (Guigna)
  • Patagonian hog-nosed Skunk
  • Patagonian Lesser Weasel
  • Southern Andean Deer (Huemul)
  • Hairy Armadillo
  • Andean Condor

Many of the photos you see on this site were taken by amateur photographers on our tours.

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Encounter the wild are privileged to work with and support Conservacion Patagonica.

Their ambitious work to set aside areas of Patagonia as National Park, offer wildlife education, and protect the native species, including Pumas, is an inspiration. Please read our tour brochure for more information on how your participation can make a difference.