Juvenille Pangolin feeding on ants

Meeting my Pangolin!

Pangolins have always been in my top 3 animals! Pangolins, Narwhals, and Bonobos. A peculiar threesome, but animals that I’ve always found fascinating. Each one is extremely difficult to find, slightly odd looking, and lives in the wild corners of the world – I dreamt of seeing them all and clearly set the bar high… Read more »

A large Male Lion in Kenya

Meeting the Masai Mara’s Marsh Pride

Day two of our recent Great Plain Migration Safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara brought us eye to eye with the heavyweights of the famous Marsh Pride Lions – the two adult males. These impressive brooding beasts have been made famous by the BBC’s Big Cat Diary, and seeing them in the flesh felt like a… Read more »

Searching for a Snow Leopard

In Search of the Snow Leopard

One of our most challenging, but ultimately most rewarding adventures was in November 2011 – a journey into the foothills of the Indian Himalayas to find the mythical Snow Leopard. From the outset, this tour sounded like a challenge! Snow capped mountains; high altitudes; and the challenge of finding one of the most elusive and… Read more »