Dear fellow traveller

A small company with big connections

Encounter the Wild represents a passion for wildlife and adventure. It has sprung from years of experience in the wilderness areas of the world, seeking out wildlife in jungles, mountains, and oceans. It is a collection of the best wildlife experiences on earth and a testament to the incredible wildlife and people that we’ve had the privilege to meet along the way.

We see a tour with Encounter the Wild as an antidote to the stresses of modern life. Be it the primal experience of being in a true wilderness, immersion in a culture different to our own, or the raw power of a wildlife encounter, these tours transport you to place beyond the ordinary. From forest elephants in the Congo to narwhals in the Arctic, every tour is specially crafted to showcase the best a country has to offer. The sights, sounds, and memories of each will stay with you forever.

As well as being a source of enjoyment and inspiration, we believe responsible wildlife tourism at its best can be a driver for change.

It can provide a significant source of income and employment for a growing number of communities around the world, promote tolerance and understanding between people and cultures, raise awareness of pressing environmental issues, and fuel conservation efforts that seek to balance wildlife protection with community development. If not undertaken responsibly, wildlife tourism can cause social disharmony, exploitation, and irreparable damage to the environment.

The need to strike the right balance has never been more pressing. Our response was to build a business model that supports the need to protect species, habitats, and biodiversity, as well as the material and social needs of local communities.

Each of our tours makes contributions to the local economy. This may be through supporting a new tour operator in a marginalised area of the world, or by financial donations to a variety of conservation and community projects. Some examples of these include wildlife and human conflict mitigation, habitat restoration projects, schools, and wildlife corridor initiatives. These are just a few examples of where donations can make a real and lasting difference.

Our promise to you is to donate in your name and show you how and where your contribution is spent. This is our commitment to Travel, Conservation, and Community.

Whether you want the classic safari adventure or rare and unusual species in pioneering destinations, we promise you expert guides, stunning wildlife, and a chance to make a difference.

I hope to see you out there.