Welcome to the Encounter the Wild Community page

This is your platform to share travel experiences with friends and fellow wildlife enthusiasts. Inspiring photos; rare and unusual encounters; tour memories; future trip ideas; and anything else that sparks the imagination are all welcome. Remember, we want to hear your travel story so please keep in touch.

Encounter The Wild Community

Weird and wonderful moments

Keep an eye out for photos and videos taken on tour by our guests, guides, and the Encounter the Wild team. We’re often lucky enough to capture some inspiring moments on tour and it’s always great to share these. You don’t have to be a professional photographer either; the good; the bad and the ugly are all welcome here.

Below are a selection of photographs taken on tour by our team and guests.

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We plan to continually offer prizes for the best photos taken on tour and other rewards to Our Community members. So if you have something to show off, send it to us and we’ll be happy to post it on this page.

Where next?

We’d love to hear about any future trip ideas you have. Maybe you want to see something really special. Maybe its Eastern Lowland Gorillas in the Congo? An Aardwolf in the Kalahari? Or Siberian Tigers in Russia? Let us know and we’ll try and make it happen for you – we’re always up for a challenge, and our vast network of suppliers are experts in tailoring tours for specific wildlife interests.

You will also hear about new and pioneering wildlife holidays. New tours are being added all the time, so whether it’s Wolves in Yellowstone National Park or Bowhead Whales in the Arctic, watch this space.

Travel Conservation Community?

As the Community page grows, we’ll provide more and more information on the conservation projects we support. The money you contribute is the life blood for these projects and we’ll tell you all about how they’re progressing, how the money is being spent and what new initiatives are beginning. We’ll also show you letters and photos from schools and communities we work with.

Further contributions

To contribute content to the Our Community page please contact Rob on +44 (0) 20 8432 6484 or email: [email protected] Remember, there are great discounts and prizes for our online contributors.