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Meeting my Pangolin!

Juvenille Pangolin feeding on ants

Pangolins have always been in my top 3 animals! Pangolins, Narwhals, and Bonobos. A peculiar threesome, but animals that I’ve always found fascinating. Each one is extremely difficult to find, slightly odd looking, and lives in the wild corners of the world – I dreamt of seeing them all and clearly set the bar high… Read more »

Tour Report: Specialist Wildlife of Namibia 2013

Female Desert Lion in Namibia

After the body shock of swapping the glorious Namibian sun for a wet and windy Heathrow airport, it is time for me to reflect on a hugely successful tour of Namibia. Our first Specialist Wildlife of Namibia Tour focused on the rare and endemic wildlife that inhabits Namibia’s great wilderness regions. From the smallest creatures… Read more »

From Wolverines to Gabon! New tours 2014/15

Hippo on the beach in Loango National Park

More exclusive tours are coming! Towards the end of 2013 and throughout 2014 we’ll be adding some incredible tours to the Encounter the Wild website. We’ll be working very hard to finalise the itineraries over the coming months and will keep you updated on departure dates. We think that the new tours are special and… Read more »

BOWHEAD! giant whales, bears, and immovable pack ice

Enormous iceberg at Baffin Island

I admitted to our tour guide on day 1 of the tour – “I really want to see a Bowhead Whale!” I’m not normally one to make demands, but I’ve always had a thing for these amazing creatures. The longest life spans of any mammal on earth, a mouth shaped like a ship’s hull, the… Read more »

Meeting the Masai Mara’s Marsh Pride

A large Male Lion in Kenya

Day two of our recent Great Plain Migration Safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara brought us eye to eye with the heavyweights of the famous Marsh Pride Lions – the two adult males. These impressive brooding beasts have been made famous by the BBC’s Big Cat Diary, and seeing them in the flesh felt like a… Read more »