From Wolverines to Gabon! New tours 2014/15

By Rob

More exclusive tours are coming! Towards the end of 2013 and throughout 2014 we’ll be adding some incredible tours to the Encounter the Wild website. We’ll be working very hard to finalise the itineraries over the coming months and will keep you updated on departure dates. We think that the new tours are special and there’s plenty to get excited about. You can expect to hear about rare mammals in South Africa (I had an incredibly exciting phone call from my guide in South Africa about chances to see a Pangolin – my wife’s ultimate encounter!); Wolverine and Bear photography in Finland; Eastern Lowland Gorillas in the Eastern Congo; and Humpback Whales in Colombia. We’ll be adding new tours every month and offering discounts to existing clients who choose a new tour departure.

We’re also working hard to finalise a new tour to Gabon. This amazing country offers so much, but sadly isn’t really on the tourist map. We had an incredible trip to Gabon in 2010 and luckily now our contacts in Libreville can offer you the same experience. Elephants and Hippos on the beach, Chimpanzees wandering past your lodge, Red-capped Mangabeys crashing through the trees above your head – sensational!

Remember we’d love to hear about any future trip ideas you have. Maybe you want to see something really special. Maybe its Eastern lowland Gorillas in the Congo? An Aardwolf in the Kalahari? Or Siberian Tigers in Russia? Or maybe you want a family tour to see Meerkats in South Africa or a budget safari to Kenya? Let us know and we’ll try and make it happen for you – we’re always up for a challenge and our vast network of suppliers are experts in tailoring tours for specific wildlife interests.

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