A journey of discovery: Specialist Wildlife of Namibia 2013

By Rob

We received some wonderful feedback from one of our guests and had to share this with you. Conny joined us on our Specialist Wildlife of Namibia tour in October 2013 and her positive comments are a testament to the success of the tour…

“Encounter the Wild’s “Specialist Wildlife of Namibia” is a great way to discover and enjoy the beautiful nature, mammals and birds of this wonderful country. The route focuses on tracks off the beaten Safari-path which offered our group very memorable experiences and encounters with animals that are not used to humans and vehicles.

The list of highlights is long: regarding the amazing SCENERY, it ranges from impressive sand dunes to endless coastline and into the stunning Damaraland where we explored dried riverbeds and their wildlife. (My) top ANIMAL SIGHTINGS include (1) our lucky chance to observe a truly wild desert-adapted Lioness, (2) the on-foot-tracking and sighting of Black Rhino, (3) the close and unique encounter with a Pangolin and being able to watch it’s movements walking in the search of ants, (4) a herd of desert-adapted Elephants which we had the chance to photograph and watch for a good long time, studying their inter-group behaviors and (5) a baby Leopard seen from the vehicle as well as a family of Cheetahs on a foot-tracking. A night-walk with torches and UV-light revealed some smaller animals like the Palmato Gecko, the Dancing White Lady Spider and Scorpions. But also the ACTIVITIES were highlights in themselves: in the air (scenic flight from Sossusvlei to Swakopmund), on foot (tracking in the NamibRand Reserve & sleeping under the stars) and on water (kayaking with playful Seals at Walvis Bay). Last but not least I consider the talks and discussions with various PEOPLE we met along the way as another highlight. Most of them have a particular animal which they study, research or engage in their rescue and survival. Hearing their stories, learning about “their” animals and seeing the enthusiasm they put into their work, I found very inspiring.

It was great to see that my experienced Africa-explorer fellow-travelers enjoyed the tour as much as I did as an Africa-travel-novice. Thanks to ETW & our local guide! Looking forward travelling again”.

Conny T. (Berlin, Germany)

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