Client feedback: Specialist Wildlife of Namibia

By Lindsey Munro
This was a meticulously planned and executed tour by Encounter the Wild and perfectly showcased the varied vistas, mammals and birds of Namibia.
From the novelty of sleeping out in the desert with the stars as your ceiling to the sumptuous camps of Damaraland with a huge variety of wildlife in between, this was a fantastic tour from start to finish. We saw some wildlife seen by very few visitors (Desert Lions) and the largest population of free roaming Black Rhino in the world. We had the excitement of standing a scant few metres from a Cheetah family and tracking the beautiful, powerful Leopard. We also had the chance to encounter one of the rarely seen (even by experienced guides) Pangolin. Flying over the desert and up the wild Atlantic coast, kayaking with playful seals… each and every day was a highlight.
This is not only a tour for those who have ‘seen it, done it’ but for first timers looking for something a little bit different to the well beaten safari track, where you get to experience the true wilderness of Africa.
Thanks to our brilliant guide and the Encounter the Wild team for such a wonderful tour! Looking forward to the next tour already.
L.Munro, October 2013
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